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You eloquently captured the beauty of the everyday. No small achievement.
—Nick V

I look at it every couple of weeks. Initially, every time a sequence ended, there was a feeling of emptiness, just for a moment. Mostly sensory (like loss of signal with headphones on), but with an emotional component, almost one of loss.
And I always wind up spending time wondering about the time and place of recording, and what was outside the frame.
—Chris N

They are vignettes that capture the feel of larger events or environments. They have a transporting effect.
—Ray C

We notice that even with, like, 750 channels, your Video Pictures is still the best thing on TV… (Really quite byootiful…)
—Ralph M

I thought – again – that they were excellent.
Multiple viewing makes them more interesting and beautiful.
My film-maker friend, Camilla referred to them as mesmerizing and
a reminder of how beautiful the world is.
—J L

I find them evocative in a sublime, poetic way.
—Andrew G

there is a peaceful and poetic side in your work which i envy.
the contrast with the electronic, video element is
really effective. i keep the cds by the computer and put them in
the slot from time to time and get a lot of pleasure from them.
likethe short video pictures, like small moving paintings. send more!
—Nick M

I like the everyday-ness of what you focus on, and the directness and intimacy of the presentation.
—Judith T

Each one made me smile with surprise, interest and delight. On second viewing, same. Some of the images and movement were so beautiful they took my breath away.
—Nancy B

I loved every one of them.
They are beautiful beyond words, I will watch them over and over,
—Casey L

Loved these images of movement, so fundamentally back and forth and in and out. Diastolic and systolic both. They were so beautiful! And so mundane, in a good way. As soon as I finished watching them, I watched them again and then took out my camera to see what would appear. I think they’re very inspiring!
—Elizabeth S

no surprise that I like your pictures so much – those small observations … that appears endless…. imply a kind of meditation a way of being in the world that’s filled with curiosity and wit. I love having them to look at.
—Don H

Just watched your Action/ Inaction.
What a completely satisfying way to end the (real) holiday luxury of time.
These videos have the quality of photographs to me
That is, they are not demanding or egotistic the way so many videos are; nor do they seem derivative. I felt you gave the camera over to the thing.
We watched twice. The second time I saw how carefully they were made. It’s very hard I think to make something that is not ironic without being sentimental.
Do you have more? Now I am hooked.
—Nora G

—Peter W

You’ve a great eye for capturing and in some respects shaping images and patterns other people fail to see and/or fully appreciate.
It’s like you’re revealing your own elegant milieu of a highly observant, non-confrontationalist. Or, that realm of indecision that is less an anxious dualism than a omnipresent, somewhat removed benevolence. An ‘all-knowing’ of what is already there, and does not require engagement into or from.
—Jonathan C

Like liquid paintings. Nice work. So much pleasure to watch the motion.
—Candy P

absolutely gorgeous!
—Joie G

just watched your video and found the images and sound quite compelling
and many beautiful and of course poetic. They open a window into the everyday, heightening one’s perception of reality – expanding time and opening us to transient beauty.
—Michael O

very magical
like a physics lesson from God
—Debra S

I’ve shared some of these video pictures with other poets, and enjoyed including them in my poetry workshop as lyrical examples of visual poems, or picture poems.
—Holly S